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Ebay....take, like, five or something like that

Roger Clemente

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1) Incorrect number trim/font (trim should be blue/white/silver if I'm not mistaken, font should be Pro Block -- but it doesn't look like the font the Leafs wear IRL)

2) Incorrect collar (should be a Y-neck instead of the V-neck that's shown)

3) Incorrect shoulder patch (should be the TML logo instead of the old detailed leaf)


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There is at least three things wrong with this, possibly more:


The thing with this jersey though is that an awful lot of effort had to go into making it (and the five others I found).

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

Well, when they wore the shoulder logo pictured, they used a different number font.

When they did use the number font shown, I think it was three colors - blue/white/silver

Is the neckline also the wrong style?


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There is a CCM on the sleeve, but it should be in the blue cuff, not the white above it (I'm taking this from the official pic in the NHL Shop)

Oh, and the stitching on the main logo looks different - more pronounced on the real jersey. Everything else as others have said - neck, shoulder logo, numbers...

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Here's all the things I noticed:

1. Number font blatently wrong.

2. CCM tag inside collar, below rear collar and left cuff introduced in 2001, jersey itself discontinued in 1998.

3. Fluffy shoulder leaf discontinued before CCM started tagging like that.

Also, the lettering on the front logo looks bigger than normal.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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