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Since you've expanded the possible teams to pro, semipro, and college, an educated guess would be YES. Even without slogging through literally hundreds of leagues, I'd wager that there enough teams with pirate or buccaneer themes and names, that one of them or more used a skull and crossbones design somewhere along the line.

Can I prove it? Not right now. Could I? Conceivably. Will I? Nope... I don't do other people's research when I get paid for my own.

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This is outside your parameters, but West Jefferson High School in Harvey, Louisiana used a white skull and crossbones on black helmets back in the 70's. Looked awesome.

Then some school board pantywaist insisted that it be changed because the "official" school colors were scarlet and silver. They went to a silver helmet with "Bucs" written on it. Lame. :cursing:

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This is an official warning from the CCSLB topic police.

Your topics *MUST* describe the contents of your message, not tease it, or cut off your thought.

Please revise your topic titles in the future to clearly state the topic contained within.

This is your first warning.

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