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Titans Crossed with Pat the Patriot


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I thought this was a cool looking logo - I have found around 300 logos this month surfing around the net. To date I have over 18,000 logos on file (on My computer).

Some college, fantasy, and various sports logos.

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No, its a nice find, KC. I'm just not how sure I am I want to be the one to go on record saying somehting is cool when it is obviously cobbled together from two existing NFL logos. I mean, it is fairly nicely done, and a partially creative concept.

What has got you out searching the world for logos?

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Astrobull has correct the location of the logo - it is from a Florida League - to me it looked like a fantasy league - I stand corrected.

I am just surfing the web gathering up logos for my next semester P.E. classes.

The kids will get teams (flag football, dodgeball, volleyball, floor hockey, etc. - we play 10 different games throughout the semester).

Just needing new logos for their teams as I have used the ones I have twice or three time through over the past 5 years. Time for some fresh stuff.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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