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Vancouver Canucks Concept


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It's been a while since I put something up for C&C, so here goes.

Growing up, I loved the Canucks' old "Germany" color scheme. While the applications of it were scarily bad at times (the "V" sweater, gold sweaters at home), the black/red/gold were "Canucks' colors", and remain so in my mind. Also, I never took to the orca logo or colors. For one, the ownership group has every right to do as they please with their team, but they should leave their insignias out of what's being worn by their team in competition. For two, using "C" as the letter in the monogram is strange, since most teams use their home city/state for that purpose (Flyers' "P", Blackhawks' secondary "C/tomahawks"). For three, the colors left me disinterested, and it allowed the Flames to more or less take over the red/gold/black look.

So, I am trying to undo some of what's been done. Briefly:

PROGRAM: MSPaint (of course... I gotta be me)

TEMPLATE: RC's original template for the sweater; the breezers and socks are my additions. (Thanks, Roger...)

LOGO: my original design... the "V" is for Vancouver (victory?), and since no other major North American city begins with the letter, the Canucks can really use this to their advantage; the maple leaf coming out of the "V" is a tribute to Canada, like the team nickname (and so the Maple Leafs don't have a monopoly on using the national symbol).

NUMBERS: Blackhawks font. Best use of the "USC" style "1" in pro sports.

COLORS: black/red/gold, all the way. No skate logo though.

HELMET: black at home, white on road.

BREEZERS: black, with red/gold stripes tapering in the shape of a "V".

SOCKS: paralleling the stripes on the sleeves and the bottom hem of the sweater.

ALT SWEATER: no way, no how. Since the Flames are using their black alt less and less, this is the chance for the Canucks to recapture black. The alt would be gold anyway if I had to have one... which I don't.

This is really a vehicle to try out the new crest logo. As always, C&C welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance...


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I will state from the outset that my preference is for the current colours, though I'd be happy if the Royal Blue on the jersey matched the not quite Sky blue on the logo. I have them as my corporate colours for my business.

The logo's not bad at all, probably would be more likely to be an alternate than a main logo. In the same way the Chicago C with tomahawks you mention is.

I'd prefer it on the current jersey, as this one looks like you've tried a little of everything. The Vee from the 80's, the predominantly Black look from the 90's and a new logo for the 00's.

Given I tell my staff not to come to me with problems, but also solutions and alternatives, I took the liberty of quickly tracing the logo and putting on the current colours.

As I said at the beginning, these are my 'favorite three colour' combination, even before the Canucks started using them, so I'm biased. But I prefer the one I did.


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The logo is fantastic.

I've always wondered why the Canucks haven't used a logo to fit their name. I realize you don't want to overdo a maple leaf logo lest there be any sort of ties with the Maple Leafs. But this does the job perfectly.

One could debate the colors. But it seems this works just fine because you don't have to deal with a blue maple leaf.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback.

While I prefer the Germany colors, which are the colors they used the longest and will always be "Canucks colors" to me (I see blue/green, I still think Hartford Whalers, even though Vancouver's NHL team predates the Whalers' existence), this was more a chance to throw out a new logo. The team's never had any logo that remotely resembled their nickname, be it a rink, a skate or an orca.

So, to put the concept through the ringer, I've done revisions in their original NHL colors of blue/green, as well as an edition using today's colors. I entertained the idea of leaving the leaf red on the original jerseys, but I guess that a maple leaf is green in the summer. And the current garnet is close enough to a red leaf. Then again, the team in Toronto uses a blue leaf, so I guess it really doesn't matter so long as I kept it in there.

Thanks to RC for the sweater template.

As always, let me know what you think.



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The coolest part of that whole jersey, I think, is the shoulder area. The diamond shoulder design looks like two V's connected together...

The half-maple leaf looks like Ottawa's Peace Tower leaf, but I don't know a solution for it.

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It works to a degree in all the colours--but I have a fondness for the blue & green, and so that's part of the reason I mourned the move of the Whalers to Carolina--well the end of the cool logo too.

Another team needs to get that combination happening again. It was great watching Montreal vs Vancouver HNIC the other night with the Canucks in their vintage unis--just like old times (well except which team did the butt kickking)

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8 out of 10 Canucks concepts are improvements, and yours is definitely one of those eight. I'm not certain about the angled half-leaf, though. I'm just closed-minded and think you have to have the leaf in all its glory, and perfectly horizontal. Incorporating the V is always a good idea. Maybe try a baseball-style interlocking "VC," even though it seems like more of a shoulder logo, it could work on the front. As for colors, what sort of scheme represents BC? Purple for mountains, deep blue for the ocean, evergreen, what else?

So all in all, it looks really good, I'm just not 100% sure about the logo, because it looks like the V has a really patriotic tumor.

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I really like the blue home jerseys using the current colors. They look solid, and while I don't know if it's the effect you were going for, I could see them using those for an alternate. They're crisp, the logo is unique and the identity wouldn't ever be mistaken. Nice work.

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Great logo. Simple, but works well. I like the red/yellow/black color scheme the best, mainly because when I think of the Canucks, I think of those colors(I was born in the 80s, so obviously that's how I remember them). I love how you incorporated the "V" into the shoulder area and breezers. Actually, out of all of them, I think the current colors are my least favorite.

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