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Chris Anderen Banned from NBA


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NEW YORK --New Orleans Hornets forward Chris Andersen has been thrown out of the NBA for drug use.

Officially, the NBA announced Friday that Andersen has been dismissed and disqualified from the league for violating the terms of the Anti-Drug Program, which were agreed to by the league and the Players Association.

The league, teams and the union cannot publicly discuss or disclose information regarding testing or treatment of any player other than to announce a player's suspension or dismissal.

Andersen cannot apply for reinstatement for at least two years.

He has a four-year, $14 million contract with the Hornets through the 2008-09 season that pays him $3.5 million a year. It was unclear how much of that he stood to forfeit as a result of being thrown out of the league.

Under terms of the NBA's collective bargaining agreement, any player testing positive for drugs of abuse (amphetamines, cocaine, LSD, opiates -- including heroin, codeine and morphine -- and PCP) can be disqualified from the NBA.

Players who test positive for steroids or performance enhancing drugs, masking agents and diurectics get a 10-game suspension (1st offense), a 25-game suspension (2nd offense), a one-year suspension (3rd offense) and disqualification (4th offense).

Marijuana penalties are a $25,000 fine (2nd offense), a five-game suspension (3rd offense), a 10-game suspension (4th offense), and five additional games for each subsequent violation.

Information from SportsTicker was used in this report.

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