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Ole miss final mascots


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I've posted the 2 designs that the UM student body gets to vote for.

Note: neither design is 3 color, or technically a "logo" design, and both are unquestionably white men.

And bluesland informed me that the first choice has been around for years, and has already been used on merchandise, but the artist had control of its use before.


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Sweet merciful crap!

I don't know what to say.  

I also don't know how Mr. Boone can say all he says with a straight face.  THe whole reason you go to professionals for this is that it's their job to answer your questions on the logo's flexibility over varied applications...not to mention artwork quality.

What a bunch of freakin' losers.  How do they even run an athletic program at all??!

Ole Miss Track n Field team, why do you have a big football guy on your gym bags??  "Ummmm, we don't.........know."

ANd Boonie's answer is "We don't know how thats going to work yet"  Well, sure Boonie!, that's really a minor point anyway right?  :censored:.....we can figure that out on the fly.  We'll do some sketches with marker on the way to the pep rally!  Turn his padded pant into a singlet...it'll be great!


Sidenote- I recently lost a bid on a highschool athletics logo.  This is fine of course, but after the Moose thing I thought I was hot stuff and was upset  greatly that I couldnt close a smaller deal and my "experitse" was largely ignored.  A good friend of mine said to me..."Look, anyone who doesnt want what you did, is an idiot.  Why do you want their approval so much anyway?  Do you WANT to be the king of the idiots?"  So my point is that sometimes there is just no winning.  To everyone that entered this sham, I mean contest.......I offer a big "Take Heart......you all did fantastic work, and wouldnt have wanted to work with these mouth-breathing sonsabitches anyway.  From what I've seen of the submissions.  It is truly their loss."

The Official Cheese-Filled Snack of NASCAR

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As someone who didnt enter this contest and was on teh outside looking in... I am even royally pissed at the administration, how stupid can they be, they set up very strick rules on what they want and how they want it then they let the rules slide after all the work comes in, why do I have a feeling that the two being voted on were done in house by a staff member there... For instance not to knock to the rest of you guys but sterlings original idea was heavy on colours but blows those designs away... animator that followed the colour guidelines had 15 strong entries some funny as hell (the fish and the rhino) and some that blew me away (biker, updated colonel, and the "ghost")... sigh... oh well thats my little rant in your guys' honour....

GDB... Brothers from other Mothers


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I know dude!

They've got something shown here.....that

1) Cannot be replicated with embroidery because of the sketch lines

2) Appears to be looking upward wondering how the hat got onto his head...pretty darn defiant

3) Must've been made in house by some shmo....the Ole Miss wordmark is just pasted on his chest...not curving with his body form at all.

4) WORST of all......is now, if possible, more discriminatory than ever before.  This guy is still male, still white, still got the plantation KFC beard and NOW FEATURING dumbness, and a tie exclusively to football.

THey shouldve used animators biker rebel.....and maybe a chick version too......fo the ladies.  They couldve been the girlpower merchandise kings.

I cant keep looking at this post or I'm going to vomit.  

Cue up your DVDs to the chapter where Aragorn finds the burning carcasses of the Uru Khai and believes the hobbits Merry n Pip to be dead.  He kicks a helmet and screams the quintissential scream of frustration born of days of useless toil gone to waste and the misery of not being able to change it.  Thats me right now when I cant get this out of my head.

The Official Cheese-Filled Snack of NASCAR

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What a joke. And for the record, Rowdy Rebel looks like a white Terry Tate.

Kinda like the office linebacker Felcher & Sons drafted in Draft Day, but ended up sending down to Felcher & Sons Europe.

"Achtung Baby... WOO!"

There's only one Terry Tate.

...and these two options are terrible. Honestly... even the production quality is bad... uncreative and boring.

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"Only 2,500 votes have been cast. About 1,000 of them are bogus and have been discarded. 1,500 votes is not a mandate, or even close to one. University officials had in mind 10,000 or more votes to consider it a mandate. Most likely, an announcement is

forthcoming from the university that this whole issue will be shelved. The people have spoken that neither of the choices presented is acceptable. Most likely, we will have no mascot, or any discussion about it from the university, for a year or so. . .

It's basically over. Let's put it behind us."



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