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Yankees uniform concept


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Yes I know the Yankees will never change but tell me what you think please.

I made the cap logo consistant with the jersey. Put the NY on the road. created a new home and moved the pinstripes to a sunday alt. created a new road alt and BP as well.

c&c please


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Not an improvement.

But pretending for a moment that the Yankees are not in the upper tier of the second rank of great uniforms already, and that this is for a new team or something, then my main comments would be:

Each of these uniforms is attractively simple. Nicely done.

However, it would bother me to no end that the team sometimes wears pinstripes at home and sometimes does not. Pinstripes are such a fundamental design element that I find it distracting if a team tries to wear them only sometimes. Some teams look better with pinstripes; some look better without. No team looks good wearing pinstripes some days and not others. (All of which applies to the Mets and the Astros. When I'm emperor, the Mets will wear their pinstriped, blue-capped home uniform exclusively, and the Astros will adopt their non-pinstriped, red-capped home alts as their full-time home uniforms.)

So I'd say that as a uniform set, this needs focus. Ditch both alts and focus on the simple, classy standard uniforms you've made. Confident simplicity would be the team identity then. As for the BP, I'd rather see the word "Yankees" spelled out, making the BP's the only place where the team name appears on the uniform.

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they'll obviously never be used, and most people will want you dead for attempting a concept... but i do say, i find them to be an improvement.

they won't work, due to tradition... but going purely on aesthetics, this is an upgrade, to me.... except the white sleeved blue BP jersey. that's tacky.

also, you might want to clean up your graphics a little bit. i can see a white smudge on the slightly off-white home jersey... around where names should go. did you try them with names first, or something? :)

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What I would like to see is a concept that says "YANKEES" on it and the NY logo on the sleve like it originally was. Now that would be a wicked concept. I like baseball uniforms more when you have words on the front, not just logos.

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