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Fixing the Ducks


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Well the Ducks uniforms have come out and it seems most people think they look to much like the Penguins. I tend to agree with those people. The template and color arangement is alright by themelves but together the way the did it failed to work. So here is my shot at fixing the uniforms.

-I kept the same template and tried to replicate it as best I could. I like the idea they had of making a variation on their previous uniforms.

- I swapped orange and gold on the uniforms. This was to make it not look like the Pens. Because of the template it doesn't look like the Flyers.

- Made Orange the home uniform. Again this was to differentiate themselves from the other balck jersey teams such as the cross town Kings. Did do a black alternate though.

-Slanted the logo a bit more to go along with the stripes.

-Got rid of the random gray outline that appears in the logo.

-The font was the closet thing I had to their font.

Comments and CC welcomed.


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It's no better than what they released. Word marks don't work, ever. I've never seen a jersey that made it work. And the design is nothing special (which is nothing against you). It's basically a modernized version (in different colors and with a crappy word mark) of what they had before. The same old slant from one side to the other.

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I like the gold and orange switch. Looks good. The logo seems a lil awkward so slanted though. And the orange logo on orange jersey is just too much orange!

Agreed. Make that gold so that you'll be able to distinguish it from the rest of the jersey. Then you'll augment an already solid concept.

And just because it doesn't look like the Penguins, it's already better.

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Orange & Black just screams Philadelphia Flyers. I can't get around that, you need to add the champagne to that jersey and not make the black & orange soo dominant. Or maybe change the darkness of the orange?

i like the concept, its pretty damn good.

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Updated. Here are a few things I did.

-Added helmet, pants, and socks. Went with black pants with orange socks for both the orange jersey and black jersey. Like how the Bruins where yellow socks with the black jersey. The reason I did this was to avoid the dreaded all black look along trying to further differentiate from the Flyers.

- Took the Flames advice and went with the gold logo on the orange jersey.

Comments and CC again are welcomed.


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