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Mlb hat colors

logos are cool

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There's only so many colours that look good on a pro league cap.

You are somewhat inaccurate on your statistics, true, lots of teams use black, red, or blue, but there are also several teams that wear purple, and green.   There are a couple of different variants of blues out there as well... look at the difference in blues from Montreal -> Cleveland -> Atlanta, very distinct.

Some things you should look forward to in 2004 that you'll like include a new purple alternate cap for the Rockies, the D-Rays will be going all-green for home, and road, and the Jays home cap is extremely unique as it is Graphite, a dark grey.

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Different hat colors were tried a few years ago. The Red Sox tried a white cap (one or two-game failed experiment); Kansas City used a gray hat. They just didn't look right with the uniforms. White caps looks like painter's or baker's caps.

I suppose having a hat the same color as the ball (white or light gray) is distracting to the batter, but how bad can it be if the uniforms are the same color as well?

As far a different colors go, the MLB now has purple, black, navy blue, royal blue (KC, LA, TOR, NYM & MTL), red and green. So there are six colors for 30 teams.

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The Astros alternate is also a different shade of red, so there are a few variations out there. White hats were tried by the Red Sox (1997), Mets (1997), D-Backs (1998), and grey hats were used on the road by both the Royals and Orioles, circa 1994, and the Pirates from about 1995-1999. Don't forget the Reds' very unique white hats with red pinstripes. The mid-90's were quite colorful with all those hats, and the Mariners and Marlins in teal.
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As far a different colors go, the MLB now has purple, black, navy blue, royal blue (KC, LA, TOR, NYM & MTL), red and green. So there are six colors for 30 teams.

Take TOR out of that royal blue list... they are now Grey (a 7th colour) at home, and black on the road.... i'm also not sure about KC wearing blue anymore, I think they wear black caps full-time now.

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Here's a list, for fun...




Chicago Sox





Kansas City


New York Mets

San Francisco


Midnight Blue



Cleveland (navy)




New York Yankees


St Louis

San Diego

Royal Blue

Chi Cubs

Los Angeles


NY Mets






Houston (brick)



St Louis



Tampa Bay






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Actually there are three different blue caps

Royal : Mets, Expos, Cubs, Dodgers, Rangers.

Midnight : Braves, Red Sox, Tigers, Twins, Yankees, Mariners, and Cardinals.

And then there's a lighter Navy blue that the Padres, Brewers, and Indians use.

It's subtle but if you put a Yankee hat next to a Padre hat, you can tell the difference.

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All right, I'll do MY list, using the Pantone Textile descriptions...hopefully, this'll clarify things a bit:


Anaheim Angels (BP)

Arizona Diamondbacks (road, BP)

Baltimore Orioles (home, road, BP)

Chicago White Sox (home, road, BP)

Cincinnati Reds (road, alt, BP)

Colorado Rockies (home, road, alt1, BP)

Florida Marlins (home, road, alt, BP)

Houston Astros (home, road, BP)

Kansas City Royals (alt)

New York Mets (road, alt)

Oakland Athletics (alt1)

Pittsburgh Pirates (home, road, alt, BP)

San Francisco Giants (home, road, BP)

Toronto Blue Jays (road)

Dark Navy:

Milwaukee Brewers (home, road, BP)

Blue Nights:

Boston Red Sox (home, road, BP)

Detroit Tigers (home, road, BP)

New York Yankees (home, road, BP)

St. Louis Cardinals (road, BP)

Insignia Blue:

Minnesota Twins (home, road, BP)

Seattle Mariners (home, road, alt, BP)

Mood Indigo:

Atlanta Braves (home, road, BP)

Deep Cobalt:

Cleveland Indians (home, road, BP)

Chicago Cubs (BP)

San Diego Padres (home, road, BP)

Mazarine Blue:

Kansas City Royals (home, road, BP)

New York Mets (home, BP)

Texas Rangers (home, road, alt, BP)

True Blue:

Montreal Expos (home, road)

Classic Blue:

Chicago Cubs (home, road)

Los Angeles Dodgers (home, road, alt, BP)

Deep Blue:

Colorado Rockies (alt2)

Prism Violet:

Arizona Diamondbacks (home)

Burnt Brick:

Houston Astros (alt)

True Red:

Anaheim Angels (home, road)

Minnesota Twins (alt)

Philadelphia Phillies (home, road, BP)

St. Louis Cardinals (home)


Cincinnati Reds (home)

Poppy Red:

Montreal Expos (BP)

Dark Green:

Oakland Athletics (home, road, alt2, BP)

Tampa Bay Devil Rays (home, road, BP)

Dark Gull Gray:

Toronto Blue Jays (home, BP)

A couple of notes: the "Dark Gull Gray" listed by the Blue Jays is actually the Pantone Textile description for the Dark Silver used in the logo.  The Blue Jays actually use (or will use) alternate colors for the uniform elements.  Metallics for the logos, and flat colors for the unis.  And, you'll notice that the Rockies' alt cap is listed as "Deep Blue"...it's the same Purple they've always used; the color's just called "Deep Blue" for some reason...

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I love the TB green cap.  The new Rockies purple cap would be much better were the lettering not black.  And I have to believe that in the next year or two Pittsburgh will bring back a gold cap for home games.
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Well, I wasn't really trying to correct you; I just thought I would help to show how the MLB groups these things.

However, I sometimes wonder if uniform manfacturers actually USE these designated Pantone Textile colors.  Occasionally, the colors used doesn't always look like what's actually on the field (or court, or ice).  Maybe someone out there who knows can clarify this...

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I see what you mean. I am kinda surprised that we dont see more variation in reds. Why no darker reds (burgendy or maroon). Why no lighter blues either. Why dont any teams use gold (real gold not yellow) as secondary color on thier cap. It seems the colors although "different" in shades are really the same.
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