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Two concepts

commander cody13

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Yeah the dorsal fin was intentional but any thing i can do it to "spice it up"

Well on the dark jersey make the side panel grey. As it looks now it looks like a sweat stain. Perhaps adding a contrasting piping around the side panel. Nothing big just a few pixels pehaps black on both. Have fun with the sleave stripes make them look like waves. I don't think the stripes as the are now work with the modern look of the side panels.

For the Sens...first clean up the logo edges. I would make the jersey bottom stripe match the sleave pattern exactly, maybe even ad the jersey color to the center of the sleave striping.

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You've taken the Sharks template and made it boring. Congratulations, never thought I'd see the day.

If you don't like it, and have no constructive critisism then don't post

Anyways heres the new jerseys





I took most of your ideas into account and now they're done

C&C please

What was meant by it is that you took one of the most interseting templates in the NHL and took away tons of it. You made it un-interesting, plain. I could tell that it once was the Sharks' template, just downgraded.

The latest version is a bit better. I'm not sure about the two shades of teal used on the home.

I think the laurel leafs are too foced on the Sens jerseys. They are squished at the bottom, and only appear on the hem, so they don't really go with the jersey. Try to incorporate them elsewhere.

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San Jose:

For the Sharks home jersey I'd recolor the dorsal fins on the teal jerseys to black with a thin white outline. On the white jerseys I'd keep the dorsals as they are but add a thin black out line on them.


For both jerseys I would change the lower stripe on the bottom of the jerseys. I would remove the olive leaf patttern and replace it with a Greco-Roman pattern like the type seen as trim on Roman senator togas.

Greco-Roman Pattern

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