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Calgary Flames NASCAR COT


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I really like the way the white scheme pops, but both are well rendered. My one slight gripe is that the goodyear graphic is not arched to match the wheel well.

Do you have 3dsmax/Brasil or did you you have someone render them for you? I see you wrote about rFactor, Im not familiar with what that is. I'm curious because I was using Nascar SimRacing to create renderings for our Nascar Fantasy leagues here and they do not look nearly as nice as the high resolution renders that I have seen like yours.


Formula GP

CenterField 22 pts

#7 Coca-Cola Giancarlo Fisichella 4pts

#8 Coca-Cola Lewis Hamilton 18pts


CenterField Motorsports

#5 Sony Kyle Busch

#8 Gatorade Kurt Busch

#9 Sirius David Ragan/Ricky Rudd

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Check it out at www.rfactor.net

The NASCAR Car Of Tommorow Mod is at http://www.rpm3dinc.com/COTMOD/

I use 3dsMax8 and Brazil for the Renders. NASCAR Sim Racing sucks, there is a NASCAR Mod out for rFactor but I don't like the templates, there is another one coming out hopefully before Christmas that should be really good.

I might do all 30 teams. Probably would start with the Northwest. I gotta see what kinda of time I can commit to this.

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