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cities that stadiums are located in


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Does anyone know why CBS and Fox can correctly id that Texas Stadium is in Irving TX, or that Ralph Wilson Stadium is in Orchard Park NY or U of Phoenix Stadium is in Glendale AZ, but they can not correctly point out Dolphin Stadium is located in Miami Gardens and not Miami ?

Just say NO to gray facemasks.

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I've never heard of Miami Gardens, FL. My guess is that Miami Gardens instead of Miami is splitting hairs and no one cares.

Just a thought.

1 hour ago, ShutUpLutz! said:

and the drunken doodoobags jumping off the tops of SUV's/vans/RV's onto tables because, oh yeah, they are drunken drug abusing doodoobags

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My records show that Miami Gardens has only been around as a city since 2003. That might be part of the reason (before, Dolphin Stadium was in an unincorporated area.)

So I guess that's why the NFL is now referring all Super Bowls being played their as South Florida instead of Miami which they used to do.

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I thought Dolphin Stadium was in Fort Launderdale not Miami to begin with could be Miami Garden is just a stadium area like Raljon Maryland was for FedEx Field.



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Because nobody wants to admit they were actually in Miami Gardens. Easily, one of the worst areas in the county.

But the name sounds so nice and fresh. :D

Remember, New Jersey is the "Garden State". Buyer beware. :P

I now apologize to all New Jersey residents/natives on the board and my many friends who live in New Jersey.

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