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Goalie number history

Tom Reing

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both Ken Dryden & Mike Palmateer used #29.....

Followed by the Leafs' best goalie: FELIX!!!

Today it's all about what's available when you get there.

One of my favourite young goalies right now wore 28 for most of his Junior Career, got to Rochester: it was taken. So he picked 29 (being from Toronto, I'm sure it wasn't a very big sacrifice.


He gets called up to back-up Biron, Pomminville has 29, so he wear 35.

I bet there are so many of those stories, where a guy shows up as a rookie, gets assigend a number, and never changes it afterwards.

In any case, Great discussion topic.

I was just thinking about that this week.

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I like it when goalies use non-traditional numbers. Puppa had a good idea.

For a while, both Ken Dryden & Mike Palmateer used #29.....so that was a bit of a school-yard trend for us guys growing up in the late '70's.

I like Ron Hextall wearing #27.....again, because it's out-of-the-box.

Belfour had a connection with Tretiak, as Vlad was his goalies-coach in Chicago. That's why Eddie wears #20, in tribute.

I'd like to see a goalie wear #32, or #37 (Steve Penney already did that). Maybe something in the 40's or even a #25.

irbe wore 32... kolzig wears 37... and i've seen SEVERAL goalies with numbers in the 40's... lalime, mike smith, giguere, thibault, biron...

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Here's a couple of one-off oddities :

When Felix Potvin was traded to the NY Islanders, he wore #50 for that game (he didn't play), but switched to #28 for the rest of his tenure on the island.

The Canadiens dressed an emergency backup a couple years ago called Olivier Michaud, who was actually pressed into service against the Oilers. Michaud wore #95, which I think is probably the highest number ever worn by an NHL goalie.

The lowest would be 00, which was worn by John Davidson, as well as Martin Biron in his early days in Buffalo (the blue and gold era), as well as Eddie Belfour in the 1993 All Star Game.

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Kelly Hrudey also wore 32.

The inverted number thing is common.

Puppa wore 39 in Buffalo, couldn't wear it in Tampa, because of Enrico Ciccone, he wore 93.

Hextall wore 27 in Philly and Quebec, couldn't wear it in Long Island because of Derek King, wore 72.

Khabibulan wore 35 in Tampa, 53 in Chicago (last year, anyway).

And other unusual numbers include J Thibault (41) and Jose Theodore (60), Norm Maracle (38).



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