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Colorado Eagles(CHL) new 3rd jersey?


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did I miss something? Zephyr's making game jerseys now? huh, better them than another reebok eyesore.

however, as was said beforehand, this doesn't seem to make much sense for em. black, gray and light gray?


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It's a 3rd, doesn't have to be in team colors.

Even more, it's a minor league hockey jersey. With some of the jerseys they come up with in those ranks, nothing should suprise you. :P

Looks good to me. (Though I'm not familiar with their regular uniforms)

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On their website (http://coloradoeagles.com/), the main picture is of them wearing these in game action it would appear. They have the Colorado flag on the back above the names.

These don't make any sense at all. I suppose they wouldn't be so bad if they were in team colors.

Too small of a pic to see how they really look.


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