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BC Lions with orange helmets again ...


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Just watching the Winnipeg Blue Bombers-B.C. Lions game on TSN tonight, and the Lions have broken out the orange helmets again.

But this time, they've got their regular lion's head logo on there, rather than the all-black paw print. They've paired them up with their orange jerseys and white pants. Apologies for the lack of photos, but I can't seem to find any yet.

This, I don't like. It's very hard to distinguish the orange-and-black logo from the orange helmet, especially with the glare from the lights at B.C. Place Stadium.

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Okay, that's bad! On another note. Does it bother anyone else that the lion head on that logo when placed on the left side faces backwards. I like the logo, just not the fact that it faces backwards on one side of the helmet.

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