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Good ABA logos


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The Mississauga Red Wolves


The Rio Grande Valley Silverados


These logos of teams set to begin in 2007 are actually not bad at all

Like someone else said a while ago, finding a good ABA logo is like finding a good sketch on MAD TV; it's all about lower expectations.

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There is a Mississauga ABA team?


The first logo looks like a Flynnagain design. The second one, I'm not so sure.

It very well could be, since Flynnagain lives in Mississauga.

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Why do minor league teams (in any sport) always feel the need to make their logos waaaaaay too busy? I mean, this one includes an incredibly detailed horse on fire, a basketball, motion lines, stars, the team location abbreviation, the team nickname, the sport they play (as if you couldn't tell from the orbiting basketball), and a double outline. No major league team would ever do this - a logo is supposed to represent something that is more complex than itself, not say everything that could possibly be said.


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I think it's because fewer people are aware of their existence, so they feel it is necessary to tell people a few key things all in the logo:

1. The team name

2. The city it plays in

3. The sport it plays

4. The league it plays in

Fair, but is there any reason for:

5. The sport it plays (again)

6. Multiple swooshes, stars, and outlines?

I mean, it's possible to design a team logo that gets across all that information much more simply...


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