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Birmingham Firebirds


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A modest update:


Now it looks a bit like the Birmingham Fire of the old WLAF, nice tribute.

I'm severely tempted to vector this bad boy for him but I'm kinda busy for the next couple of days. If it hasn't been done by the weekend I'll do it - I could use some tracing practice anyway.

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I really, REALLY like the first one w/out the color scheme--the silver outline doesn't work so well.

The 2nd one really doesn't improve on anything--the bird looks more annoyed than menacing, and those highlights that you have on the 2nd one may be cool if you weren't going for a flame look, but as it is it's taking a cool design of a bird/flame combination and making it just a bird with a flame color scheme.

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Maybe it will look better in full color, but it looks like a bored/annoyed bird, and the feathers on the back of the head no longer look like flames, they just look like feathers.

I'm not saying the first version was perfect, but I think it needed to be tweaked, not overhauled.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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