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MLB Concept Series #3: Toronto Blue Jays


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Concept #1: Texas Rangers

Concept #2: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

For the 'Jays, I kind of like some aspects of their current stuff, the font has really grown on me for example, except that there's barely any blue in it.

So keeping the same color scheme(but obviously putting it to different use, I went to work.

For the home hats, I kept the J logo, but put it on a white and blue dome.


For the road hats, I kept the T currently used on the alt and put it on a blue cap with a dark slate brim.


For the home jersey, the biggest thing I changed was the coloring, the Jays have a very simple, nice set design-wise and I wanted to keep it.


For the roads, this one, honestly, I don't think works, but it was one of the reasons I wanted to try this team so early... I used the dark slate grey from their color scheme. I'm probably going to go back and redo it in a lighter grey, but this was one of the ideas I was really excited to try.


And for the home alts, I changed up the piping a tiny bit and made the alt it's rightful color.


I might throw on a Canada-day set eventually for this concept.

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No graphite roads. No gray/slate brims. Honestly, I think we should leave white front panels in the past, but it's still an improvement over their current "Anything But Blue" Jays look.

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I like this a lot, though I'd like to see

-No "Dark Slate" Cap bill, or jersey.

-I'd like to see the same "T" Font on the cap and the road uniform.

-Darker numerals and names on the road and alternate jerseys.

-I love the white front on the cap, though I don't think it wil ever make a comeback.

Overall, A-

This could easily be A+ work.

Great job.

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Your best of the 3 thus far.

I'm with you on almost all of this. The graphite road set is too dark, and when paired with white numbers, it would look really bad in game action. (Powder blue, maybe?) And I have never been a fan of the J/bird cap logo; it's too involved for my liking, and its intricate design (beveling, facial details) force it to be displayed large, which can be a problem. It's so horizontally oriented that it looks like 2 logos fused together. Given a choice, I'd opt for the simple "T" you have on the road cap. And there's a fusion concept of the bird's head with that "T" running around here that is the best thing going right now (*thankyoubraden*).

That said, I like the rest. Strong work.

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Im just gonna throw this out there, but overall, concepts that mix the classic blue inherent in our teamname and the new bluelessness dont go so well. Not to bring this concept down, because it is crisp and well thought-out, but I just totally dislike not only this new stuff, but everything that the jays have dont in the last decade uniform-wise. All this being said, the inclusion a blue jersey, which is sorely lacking at the moment, is a welcome sight, but i would reverse the number pattern on that alternate to silver numbers with white inside. Overall, well executed and well thought-out.

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I actually like the slate roads, but I think you should switch up the greys in the lettering so it doesn't look so "hollow."

As far as the caps, I'd prefer a solid blue (crown and brim) with the T for home and road. But either way, this is a definite upgrade over what they have now.


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