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Senators Concept


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With all the discussion of late about how the Senators have an identity based on Roman, not Anglo-Canadian, history, and it's not even a Roman senator, but a soldier, which from a historical perspective is pretty freakin' wrong and all, I got to thinking.

My first thought is that I don't care about the above. I like the Senators logo and Roman theme.

But my second thought was, hey, English history gives us some parliamentary soldiers, too. We don't have to go all the way back to Rome for that. What would it look like, I wondered, if the Senators were to switch from a Roman soldier to a parliamentary soldier from the English Civil War, a Roundhead or New Model Army officer?

The answer is that it would look very plain, since the Roundheads wore relatively unadorned helmets that are best described as ... round. No giant stands of decorative horsehair on top or anything. So I soldiered on and threw elements of the Senators third logo at my concept to give it a bit more impact. I also tried to keep a strong O shape in the logo.

I wouldn't have the Senators adopt this exact logo, but I'm curious whether this logo points in a direction it would be worth pursuing.



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... Since you went so detailed with the mustache, add the freaking leaf on the Canadian flag!

But the flag is supposed to be a barberpole reference! Anyway, I've got your tiny maple leaf right here, pal: :flagcanada:


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I think it is delightfully interesting and weird in the best sense. I suppose the tower and the leaf is a bit much (one or the other is good)...but that fella, and that historically accurate headware, is top notch. Great.

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