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Washington Capitals concept


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It is now a fact that the Caps will be red, white, and blue for next year, but I wanted to add gold. I put this in with a really modern design that has been sitting on my desktop for months with no team. I decided to use the Caps though, here it is.

C+C please!


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I have to say I don't like it. I don't think the colors go well together at all, perhaps in different shades, but definitely not those. I also don't like the overall design. It just seems like a mess. Especially the way the white has that pin thin stripe on the back. I'd scrap this, maybe try different shades of those colors and start over.

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Ok, first off, this is one of your cleanest concepts so far. So congats on that. As far as the actual design goes I'm not that crazy about it. I think it looks a little plain around the waist. The thing I like most about this is the stripping on the socks. I think that if you used that on the arms and something to go along with that on the waist it would look great.

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i dont like it, sorry, gold should be kept to a trim color only, the red and the blues should be lighter, its just too...loud IMO

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Those colors would only work if you darkened the blue. I would also suggest darkening the red into a burgundy if the team's name and image didn't dictate a true red.

I also agree with what was said earlier... use the gold as trim, not a 3rd color.

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the silver doesnt make it look so loud, but my qualms were with the striping on the sleeves. it kinda offsets it a bit, however i liked the gold, but it should be used where the silver was used.

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I am still not feeling it. Now it just looks like the British Flag :oops:

"Cat Eyes" - Josh

if this was for a team britain concept then the design would almost be perfect but not for the caps. I think the design is a bit too radical. my suggestion is to go with something a bit more simpler and more streamlined. Right now there is nothing that ties in the stripes with the logo, it just seems like randsom shapes on a jersey. I wouldn't kill the template, i just wouldn't use it for the caps. Maybe for a britain national team concept.

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