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4 Baseball Concepts


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For the Braves, I wanted to go back to the Aaron days, when they wore the huge feathers on the sleeves. I got rid of those but kept the same colors and basic ideas.

Braves Concept

Update (Bigger)

This is a remake of my old dbacks concept.

Diamondbacks Concept

For the Brewers, I went back to the old colors with ball-in-glove, but with new wordmarks and an alternate logo.

Brewers Concept

Update 1

For the Jays, I got rid of the mostly black and gray look, and gave them mostly blue. New wordmarks for this one also.

Blue Jays Concept

Update 1(bigger)

I realize that some of these turned out very small so it is difficult to see detail. I apologize for that, I'll try to get some bigger views.

C+C is appreciated.

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Probably not the kind of feedback you expected but, I think you should use the template that you used with the D-backs concept originally.

I think it give a better feel for what the actual jersey will be.

Otherwise, I like the brewers and the d-backs, I think your jays concept was ok. No offense, it just seemed like something the organization would come up with. Something that's "ok, and does what it should" but not really original. I like the idea of the logo on the Jay's uniform, I also like the idea of bringing back a blue uniform.

I think if it was my call(even though it won't ever happen), no grey uniforms, make those blue, and keep an alternate black.

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As a Brewer fan, I love the return to the old colors.

I'm really not feeling the wordmarks, however. Too mountain dew-y.

Also, I really like using the state outline on the patch logo, but it just feels a bit unbalanced to me.

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As a Brewers fan, I would like your concept much better if you didn't use a wordmark that was associated with a beverage. Going from liftin' the type from Miller to liftin' the type from Mountain Dew doesn't say "upgrade" to me.

I like the rest of your concept though. They actually look like the Brewers instead of some team that bought their unis at Notre Dame's garage sale.

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