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Conference Championship Preview


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Actually, there are heating elements under the field at Lambeau so it never really freezes...well that and there's no tundra in Wisconsin. So the fabled phrase " the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field" is a misnomer...but other than that I agree with your picks. :D

I don't think the Patriots-Chargers will be quite as lopsided as you think. It will probably be more like the Jacksonville game. The Patriots will win easily but The Chargers will give the illusion of making it respectable. I think 31-17.

The Mannings are big wusses when it comes to cold weather. It's gonna be :censored:-ing cold in Green Bay on Sunday. The Packers roll easily. I like your score in that one. Packers 27-10 sounds reasonable enough.

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Nah...Belichick will pull the starters when the game's in hand.

San Diego's one of the few teams in the NFL that might actually cheap shot Patriot players if they start to run up the score, and Belichick knows it.

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Wow, good job Tank, look at how close your prediction on that Pats/Bolts score was.

Hey he got the pick right at least. :P

Actually, he goes with the spread, so he got it wrong, since the Pats didn't cover :P

Oh well. It just isn't Tank's day I guess.

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