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Nhl playoff races


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I was just at the NHLPA website and I was overlooking the standings. check this, this is how the western conference first round looks as of 2-17-03 2:52 am

1-Colorado vs 8-Dallas - good blood matchup right there

2-Detroit vs 7-St Louis - safe to say there is hatred here?

3-San Jose vs 6-Los Angeles - this is the matchup all of California has been waiting for!

4-Vancouver vs 5-Calgary - western Canadian bragging rights!

the east looks like this:

1-Philadelphia vs 8-NY Islanders - its NY vs Philly, come on!

2-Toronto vs 7-Montreal - 'nuff said!

3-Tampa Bay vs 6-New Jersey - for all you fans of defensive hockey!

4-Ottawa vs 5-Boston - again we have an interdivision matchup!

all in all, six of the eight possible first round matchups are within the same division, and if that dont make for a good playoffs, what else will?

My top three: San Jose-Los Angeles, Detroit-St Louis, and the best one of them all: Toronto-Montreal

of course, as close as things are now, this can change overnight. but it wouldnt bother me one bit to see it end up like this!

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First off, a shock alone that the Sharks are in first place and have the number "3" seed with a division lead (although 5th in conference) is a suprise along with Calgary.

A San Jose-Los Angeles series would be HUGE!  This was one series that fans from both teams would love.  There's Dodgers-Giants, Angels-A's, Lakers-Warriors/Kings.  Shoot!  Even SaberCats-Avengers, Earthquakes-Galaxy, and even Stealth-Storm for you lacrosse fans.

An all California series could dramatically  change the front page of the sports page which would have a blurb about the NHL playoffs and news on how Opening Day in baseball took place.  Like I said during some rule changes, the game needs to be exposed more.  LA is currently focusing on the Lakers and no one else.  While the Sharks are having this unbelivable run, I hear more about everything else BUT Sharks in sports.  

As for the other series, I would eventually like to see Toronto-Ottawa AGAIN!  Also, what about Boston-Montreal?  That's a classic before that series would start.  If Minnesota were to get in, picture a Dallas-Minnesota series?  Needless to say, this might be the best playoffs in years...and it might be the one we'll be talking about for years...thanks to Bettman and Goodenow.

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I want that series....I want it now!

Id love for team teal to smash that little violet crown into littly bitty pieces and shove them down the collective throat of those moronic LA sports fans!

all it takes is the staples center.....and a missle launcher  :D

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Hopefully the Devils can move up higher than 6th... they might get 4th, and if they can put a run in, they might be able to catch Philly and nab first. It's a tight race in the east, as always...

....but where are the Rangers???


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I hope the Canadiens will at least make the playoffs. There are facing many "defeatable" opponents this week but they seem incapable to seize a good number of victories. But if they do make the playoffs, wiht theo in net, they can be tough to beat. They almost made the conference finals 2 years ago.

As for the rest of the playoffs, i'll be cheering for the sens and canucks if the habs will be out of the postseason.

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