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Arizona State New Football Unis?


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Last year's were a little much, and the new ones just aren't enough. There has to be something in the middle! Actually, the thing I liked the least about last year's was the striping on the helmet, which tapered off before the end. But by the last game of the year or so, they had gone back to the full maroon stripe.

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Actually, after further review, it appears they wore the two helmets last year in accordance with home and road games: the new, tapered stripes on the road, and the traditional full stripe at home. I just saw a home game near the end of the season and assumed they made a full time switch, but they acutally alternated throughout the season. Visual proof!

October 11 (home):


October 18 (road):


November 15 (road):


November 28 (home):


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I prefer adidas teams anyway. If adidas would be human I would say adidas has a soul, has a character, while Nike is just not there jet, don't get me wrong, I don't want to generalize, Nike has some great stuff, but in footbal and soccer I prefer adidas. nike hockey jerseys are great, as well as NBA jerseys.

I wish puma or robe di kappa would get involved more into college sports.

I lived in Phonix for 5 years and I was ASU fan, even before they were adidas team, and I'll still be ASU fan, but now UCLA with their greatt colors and adidas look like my next favorite. I hope they don't go to Nike.

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I am an adimant Nike-hater.

I think many brands have one thing they do well, and they should stick to. My purchasing habits follow this. If i want basketball, i'll buy nike.. if i want soccer, i'll buy adidas. If i want sports drink, i buy gatoraid.

Nike needs to leave other sports alone.

[generalization warning] At least adidas has more than one football uniform design. Nike puts everyone in the same damn thing.

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Nike doesn't put anyone in anything... the let the school pick what they want, so blame the individual teams. With the exception of the latest Oregon uniforms, I've always been pretty impressed with Nike's original uniform design. I think U-Dub's and Oregon's Harrington era uniforms are some of the coolest contemporary designs out there.

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