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Jackie Robinson Day


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Just sawe this on MLB.com

It will be an annual thing in the league to honor this great moment in baseball and US history.

The logo is flashy and classy...better than the other logo they used to honor him...i think.


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Didn't they already have Jackie Robinson day a few years ago? The fay they retired his number 42 throughout the league? Seems kind of redundant to re-celebrate the same occasion when he is already celebrated with the number retirement.

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I think it's a great reason to celebrate... the awful :censored: the man had to endure to do his part for the civil rights movement took a great deal of fortitude. It would have been much easier to stay in the Negro Leagues, dominate his competition, and not have to worry about what opposing fans and players would try to do to him (not to mention his own fans and teammates).

Considering the climate of the time, that took more guts then the whole lot of major leaguers today have combined. In a time when we've got a glut primadonas, juicers, and thugs, a little spotlight on a man that did his part to make the world of sports a better place by showing that "colored folks" are just as capable as anyone else is refreshing and much deserved.

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I've always thought that instead of Dr. Martin Luther King Day being the holiday they added, it should have been Jackie Robinson Day.

NOTHING against Dr. King, but instead of another holiday in January when the weather sucks and we just had off for Christmas and New Year's Day, a nice summer day off in August, which has no holidays, to celebrate Jackie's birthday would have been nice.

To celebrate, all people of all races would then observe the holiday by going to a ballgame together. Very inclusive, a nice way to bring people together and a good and proper way for all Americans to enjoy a nice day in the sun and participate in something uniquely American, don't you think?

Canadians welcome of course. :flagcanada:


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Nice idea, of course i think you can understand why.

But, where is the Latin American day?

Im not sure the timeline of the first latin-born player. Or even who it is? (that says something too)

I think we should honor all.

And how about an Irish-American one too!

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