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NWFA (National Womans Football Asso.)


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A lot of those are some of the most well rendered logos I've seen, and a few are pure crap (H-Town Cyclones and the aformentioned FTW Fury). Still, better than most leagues that people actually pay somewhat attention to.

West Virginia Wonders is probably my favorite. Oklahoma City Lightning; million times better than Thunder OKC. Maine Freeze and LA Amazons are also really good. Of course, the Locomotion. And that Jacksonville Dixie Blues is a simple thing of beauty. Why can't other pro teams get this quality of logos?

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While I'm not buying into these being some of the best logos ever, I will say that the Emerald Coast Barracudas logo blew me away. I like the Maine Freeze as well, and am proud to have that logo represent a team from my state. Others I like: WV Wonders, OKC Lightning, LA Amazons, Minnesota Vixen, and AZ Wildfire. Some are just simply horrible logos, despite being well rendered. I hate the Locomotion logo, the Pitt Force logo serves no purpose, NY Nemesis logo relates to the name in no way, the Cincinnati Sizzle needs some work, and I still don't know if it is the Connecticut Crush or Rush. For all I know that C on the side stands for Connecticut and they are named the Rush. Again, with a few outliers on both the good and the bad side(more on the bad), these are merely average logos.

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