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Has Any Body Ever Heard...


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Nahhh, too pedestrian, if chocolate's included, chances are it's been done.

Try something like marmot ripple, or crunchy frog. THEN you're talking new flavors.

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There's an ice cream parlor in South America that serves Tuna ice cream.


nah Im not even going there... :devil:

the garlic festival they hold every summer down in Gilroy (hometown of a certain no talent wiry pansy without a job...) they sell garlic ice cream. never been to that festival, so Ive never tried it

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For a time up here in the 70s, Dutch Maid Ice Cream used to feature a new ice cream every month...there were the usual flavors, but they actually used to have a dill pickle icecream. Yep. Tasted like death.

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ok, I was at an asian grocery store today (I was actually buying some groceries there okay....and uh....checking out the girls :D ) and I saw some ice cream there being sold in these flavors:

fruit and bean


purple yam

I guess you have to grow up with that sort of thing huh

(FYI I hate avocados....AND IM MEXICAN!!! :wacko: )

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