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My very first concept.


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After 5 years, I think it's a good time to post a few of my own designs.

Now I do not have amazing talent for this, but I did give it some thought before posting it. It's not a two minute click and save. I have a few self-made concepts that I like alot, including this Boston Bruins alternate jersey. I think the Bruins should have done something less cheap. All they did was blacken portions of their home jersey and swap logos. With all the history they have, there was a whole lot of possibilities. What I did was base it on their 1950-51 black jersey with some modifications that would give it a modern-retro vibe. So now, without further a do, here is my very first concept.


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Thanks. Glad you guys like it. Here's an update with a yellow B. I also reduced the stripe sizes.


This jersey is out right beautiful. It is better than the current alternate, which is really nice.

This jersey is truly perfect. It would make a great third jersey, even though i love the one they have now, this is up there with it.

I was thinking, just to add to the idea, what if you replaced the black with the vintage brown, adding to the vintage bruin style.

Kinda like this maybe...




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