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Hi guys,I'm back again...This time with one of my older concepts for ECHL team ...Team called Salmon Kings from Victoria,Canada...

this is their current logo...


...and I came up with this...




...and jerseys


...that's all folks! Thanx for viewing!


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I really like where this is going. It's clean, dynamic, and pays homage to the previous identity. I really like the V/crowns alt logo.

One suggestion though; maybe through in some salmon colour in as a highlight?

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Yeah, this does have potential. The salmon is too scrunched up, and I hope fixing that doesn't mean sacrificing the tail as a "V", because that's a cool idea. Seems like the "ria" portion of the wordmark is offline, or maybe even larger than the rest. I feel like there's too much shading, and it makes some of the definition confusing; I think because of it you're losing too much of the lower jaw, and I'm also trying to make sense of that triangular shape between the tail and head. Something about the eye seems off too, like either the lines are too thick, or it's butting up too close to the top of the head. I agree that some salmon color would be nice. Lastly, you didn't want to keep the tail gold on the tertiary?

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It's a good start. I agree with Milo on all of his points, so let me just add a bit:

Between the fish being so scrunched and all the dark shadows, it's very difficult for the eye to find lines and contours, and it makes it hard to distinguish just what's going on. On that same point, I think the most distinctive trait of the salmon is that hooked lower jaw on the males, and we don't see that in your logo because of the shadows, so it looks like any other generic fish. And as Milo mentioned, the eye area is off. I think the strokes to the left of the eye and below it are too big (or completely unnecessary).

And there is something strange going on in the 'Victoria' type. I don't think you even need it in there, but I understand the appeal of having the tail read as a V. But I would stay away from lower case if you keep the type, it creates many more interactions with the fish behind it, which you don't need (given how busy it already is back there). And there is some strange effect of warp at the end of the type that needs to be addressed.

Finally, it is nice to see the smallest touch of gold in there, but... the colors are still the same as your other concepts. Low-saturation blue and gray, now with low-saturation gold! It just seems so bland and flat for such a dynamic logo. I'd still love to see you try to use some bright, saturated colors.


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Obviously it's a much better logo than what they use currently, still, it isn't perfect, and posters above me have pretty much covered everything. What I wanted to say, though, was that most of your color schemes are pretty dull, including this one, and you should try some reds, greens, and bright blues instead of always going with a dark color with a metallic one to accompany it.

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I'd like some red on the jersey and logo.

-Red "V" and salmon tail, and red script.

-The circular logo and straight lines of the jersey do not work together. The logo is a spiky circle that kind of makes a three-pointed triangle shape. Work with that.

-This blows the current Victoria logo out of the water. when I scrolled down, I thought, "why can't it be this easy?"

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