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Soccer Team Logo/kit


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I coach an under 10 boy's soccer team, and they named themselves the Blast.

I was inspired by Nitro's orlando blast football concept so I spoke with him about it. With his permission, I started from scratch and re-created it; but for soccer, with different colors, using just two ink colors, and with some simpler lines and shapes. Joel, as always, hooked me up with Illustrator help, and did some magic for me on the back side lines that never really looked right, till he made them froody.

Nitro was pleased with what I did, so I thought I would show you guys, too. Also, following the logo, is the link to check out the uniforms.




Blast Kit (Uniforms)

(no C&P needed!)

I'd love to hear what folks think. Thanks!

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Love the logo and unis. That's one good lookin' team.

A couple suggestions...

IMHO the dark jerseys don't look to great with the green numbers. Try white. It may show up better.

I'd put more black into the unis. It'll make the uni look bolder.

There's something about the triple stripe there... I probably wouldn't put that there, but it looks good anyways. I just don't think the three stripes is necessary.


The logo is perfect. Nice identity that will have a lasting appeal.

Excellent work :)

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Thanks, guys. I've got the order in for T-shirts for my players. We will use them as practice jerseys. I'm getting one to wear on the sidelines while I coach.

I wish I could see those jerseys through to actually getting made, that would be awesome! I really love the look. Green and white plus a touch of black is probably the most conservative concept I've done, and it works well!

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Apparently the logo is popular. I got quite a few t-shirt orders today at practice, and a few more who want them!

I just need a couple more, and I'll have reached the minimum to get them made. I'm getting a T-shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt, myself.

(iD, check your PM)

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