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MLB Third Jerseys


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So I have never really posted anything on here before and when I was cleaning out my computer I found some old designs that I had abandoned. I remembered I had a really good design for 'em. I fixed them up and thought I might post on here for some C & C. If the general design is well percived, I might make some more for you guys. So without further ado, here is the Tampa Bay Rays and the Houston Astros.

Tampa Bay Rays


Houston Astros


C & C Please!!!

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It's a good start, but there are a few things that can be changed. Here are suggestions:


-Change the navy stripe down the middle. If it's a pinstripe jerrsey, it probably doesn't need extra piping, especially that thick.

-Outline on numbers may help.

-The triangle logo isn't the best for the front of a jersey, maybe the TB or ray logo?

-I'm not sold on the sunburst by itself.


The only thing I really see here is the numbers, they would look better if you used the real ones. Other than that, the Astros set is good.

Also, I'm not sure the Rays are one of those teams meant for pinstripes. Nice ideas, keep working at them.

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The astros one is a good idea. Gotta have the right number font though (of course). It has some potential. I dunno bout that rays one though. too much; can't see 'em wearing it.

Agreed. houston looks good, but im not sure Tampa Bay looks good in pinstripes.

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the rays looks like a baby's bib with the piping being solid blue. i think if you change that blue piping to plain pinstripes, itll look much better. also, you should replace the primary logo on the jersey with the TB logo. put the primary on the sleeves. i am digging the sunburst on the hat, though. another change you could make would be to take away the pinstripes altogether. the twins currently have a pinstriped-sleeveless jersey, and its UGLY, so im sure the rays wont be doing that anytime soon.

for the astros, its a much better design. i cant think of any major flaws with this one. the pant color is unique and it really works well with the brick red uni.

overall, great start. im pleased with your concepts, and i hope i see some more teams soon.

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I'll echo everyone else. Rays looks like a fashion jersey. That logo does not work on the chest and the blue up the middle is pajama-ish.

The Astros looks very nice. The only problem for me is the patch. You are in the majority here in putting the patch on the right sleeve, but teams put them on the left. The other thing is I think it would look better if Texas was in the sand color used on the numbers. It's the only piece of white and you may as well get rid of all the white.

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I dont like the stipes on the side of the hat. You should gp classic caps. Batting practice hat should stay for batting practice, but may be go with a ray (the animal), like the classic D-Rays hats. And I agree with CAB, pinstripes should be left for the Yankees.

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Okay the comments have died down, which tells me it's time for some new concepts. So, first up, the Oaland A's, and later, the Chicago Cubs.

Oakland Athletics


and now,

Chicago Cubs


So, as usual, be sure to comment (C&C Please!), and I will now be taking requests for any team you wanna see.







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Any C&C?

That Cubs set is almost amazing. The red and blue are clashing a bit too much, and I think that if you used white to off-set the two it'd help. If I were you, I'd trace the wordmark in white and maybe add some to the collar area (this will help tie things in with your white-outlined number). Also, the belt should probably be red as well (though I could be entirely wrong on this - it's hard to judge unless they are on top of each other).

Opinions on other sets:

* I agree with everyone else and think that the "TB" mark should go on the front of the Tampa Bay jerseys instead of the "Rays" mark. I like the switch to the standard pinstripes and I love the sunburst on the cap.

* That Astros set is beautiful.

* I think that you should switch to regular caps instead of using the BP ones. Also, you have the logo repeated on the backs of the Rays and Astros caps, but don't have it on the Cubs or A's. I kind of like the little logo, but if it's on one then it should be on all of them.

A great series so far, and I'd love to see what you can come up with for my Rockies :) . Hint: not ignoring the primary color (purple) makes a fanbase happy ;) .

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Okay... so it's time for some new concepts!!!!!!!!

First up, we have the Colorado Rockies! oo_nrb, this one's for you.


Secondly, we have the LAA Angels. I really think this one turned out nice (I tried to give it a vintage feel), and I can't WAIT to see what you guys think of it. Cito_helps.08, this one's for you.


And now (drumroll), we have some UPDATES!!!(yaaay)

Soo here is the OAKLAND A'S




ALSO: If you haven't noticed already, I am switching to the regular caps from now on. Be Excited!!

So, as always, C&C, and i'll be taking requests for the next team.


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Yesssss, purple vests. I've wanted a purple vest for the Rockies for ages, and it seems that now would be a perfect time for one (since the team is so into the vest look and are not wearing their purple jerseys at all). You've executed it very well here, I think. As a personal preference, I think that the "Colorado" script would work quite well across the front of the jersey (rather than the "CR" mark). The Rockies already have one vest with a "CR" mark on it, and their current purple jersey uses the "Colorado" script. Also, did you play around at all with the piping? I'd experiment with maybe adding black trim to the button area.

And as a nitpick, the Rockies use arched names on the back :P . This is a pretty well-executed concept, though - good work!

As for the Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim California, I really like the look you're going for here. However, similar to the Cubs set, the red and blue are just clashing too much, and I think that you need something to offset one or the other. White, gold, silver...just something to not have the two colors clashing that much (especially for the NOB, since the letters are rather small). I do like the overall look and feel of the set though, especially the piping.

And as for a request, how about the Padres?

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