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ECHL Jersey Rankings


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Thought "aw what the hell" and gave this a look, being rather unfamiliar with the ECHL. Surprised to see as many unique sweaters as I did, rather than crests slapped on NHL hand-me-downs. I really like what the Everblades have going, even though a Fort Myers designation would be better than a Florida one. I believe I've read that they're considered an exemplary ECHL franchise, in spite of the other "Florida" team being one of its league's worst.

Royals, Reign, and Nailers have good things going. I dig the K-Wings; they look like an old-time minor league team should look.

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Wranglers is in the right track on the ranking.. The logo is just pitiful, poker chip with numbers?! I can't even see that well when I was in a premier seating! And the jersey is BORING! Give in more red, black, and little hint of white... Use the main logo (Cowboy on a bull), the poker chip with Cowboy face on it as sleeves, and you got yourself a fantastic jersey.

As a Canucks fan.. I sorry, I really dislike Salmon Kings'.. The logo look so weak and outdated (probably the only teams that haven't got a new update in ECHL). It needs a new look and a bit more intimidating..

Like this:


Someone design this and send it to icethetic.info

This is amazing, perfect for Victoria and the shape of the salmon really bring out a hint of Canucks.

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