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UC Bearcats New BBall Unis


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I'm going to be honest I think they're terrible. Adidas has failed to impress me with UC basketball uniforms. I just bought a Deonta Vaughn jersey last Christmas, and now it's already out of date. I wish they would go back to the Steve Logan era jerseys but those were Jordan brand.

Depending on what the cat scratch does on the back of the jerseys, it looks like a Bengals basketball crossover.

I give them a D+

Where'd you find the picture?

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Cat scratches are on the shorts too.

Yeah, I agree about the Jordan jerseys. Those were classic, better compositions. These just look like piping and cat scratch everywhere. I'm not sure I mind the gesture on the shoulders, but overall they just seems sloppy. I'm not if it just that these are preliminary or what, but they also have weird gathering at the collar and the side panels of the shorts. It just looks cheap to me.

The one good thing that can be said about the Bearcat uniforms is that they're not just a template.

Grade: D+

I don't want to get any body in trouble, so I won't say where they came from, but it shouldn't be too difficult to find the source of the images.

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