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Draw Brawl 09 Challenge Four


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When it comes to concepts and identities in real life involving winged animals that we call birds, you see a common trend of choices: eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, cardinals, jays, ducks and the occasional penguin.

One rarely accounted for and represented by a very small number of educational institutions in the United States is the Gamecock. More specifically for this challenge, is the Gamecocks from the University of South Carolina. Some of you may ask "what exactly is a Gamecock?" The answer is simply a rooster that is bred for fighting, known as cockfighting, for sport. In South Carolina, the name is also a historical reference to Thomas "Gamecock" Sumter, a General in the American Revolution.

Steve Spurrier arrived at South Carolina in 2005 with hopes of bring change to the mediocrity of the South Carolina football team. While Spurrier has achieved a form of success by South Carolina standards since his arrival, there is plenty to be had. Changes in coaching, changes in recruiting, and changes in the expectations of what a football team should achieve are all part of that plan.

Visibly, the largest change has been the agreement with Under Armour for official sponsorship and outfitting for the football team and other athletic programs. Fresh and modern uniforms were immediately applied. Whether superstition or coincidence, many teams in history have experienced a boost of success after unveiling a new look. To Steve Spurrier, this was half of the equation.

Your job is to finish the 2nd half. The Gamecock identity, while a rare constant in Carolina's history, is due for major repairs. Below you can view a mini-Style Sheet with current official athletic logos- some are currently used, some go ignored for unknown reasons. A generic wordmark was introduced recently (seen below)- until then, no recognizable wordmark existed. The Spur logo goes totally unused. The interlocking "USC" was introduced by Lou Holtz but soon abandoned due to negative fan response.


The minimum requirements for this challenge will be:




- E-mail your entry to format with the Subject Line: "Challenge # - Tier # - UserName" PLEASE pick your own tier, don't "put me in whatever tier you want me in."

- Do NOT include any hints (personal marks, usernames, real names, etc) on any part of your entry. This will result in disqualification from the round without notification. If anything is altered in any way, not saved in the right format, not the right size, etc., we will not accept it.

- Use the official Draw Brawl template for your work. DO NOT resize it in any way.

PLEASE read the official rules before you ask questions.

The deadline will be Thursday, October 1st, at 11:59 PM EST. Easy date to remember.

***UPDATE: Extended until Monday October 5th at 11:59pm EST.***

Good luck!

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Interesting challenge, I will definitely be competing. One question though. I have seen this claw logo used once or twice before, but I'm not sure if it's an official South Carolina logo. Would it be wrong for someone to use a modified version of this logo?


If not I certainly understand, because you guys probably want us to come up with all new stuff. I probably won't use it, just some other people might.


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I'm obviously not in charge, but Spammy, I highly doubt it. It's kinda a competition, and it would be unfair for someone to have an entry with 2 people working, and sharing ideas, instead of one person. You know what I'm saying? Also, I don't think you need to collab, as your work is getting much better, and this competition will only help you improve. Sorry to but in, just my 2 cents.

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No, collaborating to create a design is not allowed. Sorry.


That logo is not an official logo. I think it is one of those X-Line hat logos. An obvious rip off of that logo wouldn't be acceptable, but your own version of a spur (which is an element of SC's identity) could be an option. For example, that X-Line logo is basically just a second take on that official spur logo.

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Due to what appears to be low participation at this point in time, the deadline for this challenge has been extended by 4 days to Monday October 5th at 11:59pm EST.

Only 2 entries have been received so far, so needless to say- there is a lot of room left to gain ground in the Draw Brawl competition.

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