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The Object: Create a new, original logo

The Rules: You have three days. Maximum of 10 participants.

WARNING! If your logo uses any part of any logo already in existence, you will be disqualified and banned from any further participation in this life of this contest.

Now, when i first came to this website so many years ago, i saw a logo concept by Chris that i thought i could do better, so i tried. They both were kinda awful, but it began us on the road of the great board and logo designs we make today. To remember that great first concept, for the next three days, this is the team i want you to design a logo for...

The Logo: Minnesota Northern Lights

The winner of the poll will get a spiffy looking small banner to put in your sig, not to mention the admiration of your peers.


You have until 6:33pm Monday evening

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I'vd had an awesome idea for this all weekend, but I was certain it was beyond my ability to execute it... I spent all day yesterday trying to think of how to make it work, and spent 3 hours today putting it together.

I'm shocked at how well this turned out - by far the best design I've ever done.

Needless to say, I think I've taken things to the next level...


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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