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Play Smallball!


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I came across this free baseball game today. It looks awsome! Id like to encourage some of you baseball fans to give it a try.



here is a tutorial:

basically, you get a team of 12 guys to start. you have to train them to improve their skills, and when you think your ready, there are leagues that you can participate in, and move up through. I even read that each player is sort of "unique" and they have moods. If you dont train them every day, they start to miss you, its like having a baseball team as a pet. You can watch live games of your own team, or other teams. I dont know much else about it at the moment, but it sounds really cool.

Let me know if any of you try it out.

CC Teams List- (Star rating as of April 17, 2004) x of 10

ID# 448187 (187) Bayside Tigers (2 Stars)

ID# 448130 (BCB) Brew City Bootleggers (4 Stars)

ID# 448191 (MLT) Milton Millers (2 Stars)

ID# 207712 (NVY) Napa Valley Bluesox (2 Stars)

ID# 448186 (NAS) Nash Ramblers (2 Stars)

ID# 448429 Houston Bayou Boys (3 Stars)

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I'd love to take part in this, but...

Am I the only person that can't get this link to open at all? I tried last night, I tried this morning...I've copied and pasted, I've typed it in myself, I've clicked links from other sites. This SmallBall won't open for me. :cry:

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Can I create my own league or division for just my friends? 

Yes, you can. However we have not created the tools to make it easy to organize and run a seperate league. Currently there are many leagues that you can join - they can be found on the game forums or the the News located in the community section.

In the future we will offer an Owner League kit but until then you can create and maintain a league by using Big League results.

thats from the FAQ page

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The only problem with the "football" cough* soccer cough* league is, it costs $20 to play games with your team. Where as baseball is totally free. I went ahead and upgraded to the deluxe trainer for $20, so I guess I spent it in the end anyway. Im not much of a soccer fan. I guess I could get a free team to train them, but I dont forsee paying to play games with them, defeating the purpose.

This is getting pretty addicting. And im not even in a league yet....

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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