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Canucks Concept


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I did this quite a while ago but never got around to post it. its basically the striping from the early 1970's mixed in with the striping from the pre-edge days (my favorite generation of the canucks uni's).



Now i know for sure that ths alt is gonna get the most attention because its a pretty out there design. so shoot away.


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I don't dislike them- balancing the two blues turned out pretty nice. I think you need to choose between silver and white, though. Using silver for the striping and logo, and then white for the numbers, it just doesn't work. Gotta pick one.

p.s. You have one of your sleeve cuffs the wrong colour on the white jersey.

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i was going to go with silver numbers and letters but i guessed they would be unreadable, so i did what the hurricanes did on their third with white for the numbers and silver for everything else

EDIT: yeah... no. the canucks shade of grey made this look like my dogs puke. ok not really but still, it looked really bad with both just white and just grey so i lightened up the shade of grey and here is what i got. i think it looks much better this way IMO.


i also fixed the sleeve stripe thing in the first post.

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i like that alt. also nice job on the home and road jerseys.



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