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  1. I don't hate it, but it seems they just over thought this rebrand. The Blue Jays did it perfectly, and just modernized a look their fans loved.
  2. This once great franchise is a mess. STL played with LA colors for a number of years and won a super bowl, and while in LA, they went to the super bowl wearing the STL colors. And now they are messing with the oldest helmet logo in football? Why?
  3. Any word on the NHL softening the rules on throwbacks?
  4. How many of those non-traditional new Nike designs just failed miserably? Jags, Browns, Bucs. Titans and Seahawks still have theirs. I kinda want to include the Jets, but not sure how much of that was Nike, as that design has kinda existed since the 90's in other leagues.
  5. Navy blue is good if dark jerseys are the road jerseys, but it's not the best color to base your brand around. There is a marketing reason why most teams switched to more colorful jerseys once the NHL stopped wearing white at home. Jersey sales also tend to support this (generally).
  6. 6/16 games at home? I believe this is the smallest percentage a team has ever played in it's "home" market. (Not counting New Orleans teams or anything pre 1970)
  7. Did the LA Rams have any banner from their SB win? I know they did in STL, just have no idea if they kept it
  8. Maybe this consultant can make James Dolan's :censored:ty band more popular
  9. I sadly only figured this out lately, but they were different on the back. Not sure which back I like more tbh
  10. The NFL desperately needs to loosen their jersey regulations. Is selling 1-2 extra jerseys really worth letting your league's brand look like this? The NHL Winnipeg Jets had 2 months to come up with new branding, and were able to pull it off. No reason for the NFL not to allow the Rams to wear LA throwbacks for 2-3 years before they move into their new stadium. No one in LA wanted those navy jerseys anyway.
  11. The owner literally said there is a connection. Went out of the way to say why they used green and that they kept the "North" star. Just because you really want something to be true, does not make it so.
  12. Did Cleveland even wear those "home" jerseys this year?
  13. The Coyotes keep using their Kachina jerseys for press conferences and a lot of promotional materials. Before Hall or Phil even had their press conferences, the Yotes marketing staff released photoshopped pics of them wearing the jerseys. Owner said he loves them.