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  1. The LA Rams vs the Oakland Raiders. Or maybe it's the LA Rams vs the LA Raiders Or maybe it's the LA Rams vs the Las Vegas Raiders Or the STL Rams vs the Oakland Raiders. Either way, no matter what happens this jersey matchup will look the exact same the next two years. Stupid NFL
  2. Seriously, why don't the Riders just switch to these full time? Their fans prefer them...
  3. Basically, since the Rams are forced to wear their old city's colours, let's take a look at other times the branding of a team has stayed the same upon relocation.
  4. As of right now the Rams are selling the exact same jerseys as last year. If the jerseys had a STL identity all over it, then what? It would have been a relatively easy change for the Rams, as one of the jerseys they want to use is already being used twice. To me, this is just the NFL trying to get rid of the boxes and boxes of Rams jersey, and trying to make as much money as possible. The fact the Rams are currently using white and the old colours in their marketing makes it obvious they want nothing to do with this gold colour.
  5. Rams doing what the Oilers did when they were stuck with another city's uniform set, but also doing their throwbacks + colour rush. Why did the NFL not just make an exception because of relocation? If the Texans moved, would they really force another team to take that branding too?
  6. Oh PLEASE. Nothing XFLish. The mid-late 90s/early 2000's was the worst time for team names ever.
  7. Including the color rush, and the throwback games, and the one game in London, are the Rams even going to wear the St Louis Rams jersey at home?
  8. Uprights are at the front of the endzone, and the endzones are 20+ yards deep. The only risk of the FG is if it hits the upright, which in that case it is a deadball.
  9. Still odd that the loudest that stadium has been is during an Islanders game. NYI fans followed their team there, NJ Nets fans did not (obvious reasons)
  10. Pens entire website is in their old colours, and their playoff logo for this year is their retro logo. Vegas gold is all but dead. Lives on in their away jerseys only right now
  11. Raiders Colts Cardinals Oilers The NFL is ruthless with this.
  12. Nah, it's good marketing. The fans that are clamoring for a return to the blue and yellow are going to end up buying "retro" merchandise like jerseys, caps, etc. that the Rams will be happy to sell. Then comes 2019, and everything old is new again, and the same fans will buy all the new blue and yellow gear. It's worked before, it will work again. Buying some LA Rams gear in St. Louis Rams colors seems like a good way to make $40 in 20 years on a $20 purchase today. The Vegas (ish) gold colors are associated with St Louis, but they will play in LA with them, and yellow and blue are associated with LA, but the STL won a Super Bowl with those colors. Odd how this has come to a perfect full circle.
  13. Cause it's the turn of the Millennium Seinfeld addressed this
  14. Next season will be the NHL's 100th year of existence, but only its 99th season (Thanks Betman). The NHL could wear anniversary patches again. Done this a few times before. - 75th anniversary -100th anniversary of the Stanley Cup - and the year 2000 (for some reason)
  15. Internationally, their merch outsells current Memphis merch like 10-1.