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  1. It looks like 99% of things you see on Behance. Sports marketing people don't use those colours and shadows on logos for a reason. If for any reason, sports execs are on this forum, hire people with experience in marketing a major league club.
  2. I really feel for their marketing team. Must be a constant uphill battle with the worst owner in North American sport
  3. Logos in the 90's that were hated have become so popular now. I always loved the RoboPen
  4. Washington Red Herring's. Their slogan can be "We're going to trick you"
  5. They're going to switch back to those full-time as soon as they can
  6. I am pretty sure manufacturers stopped using that shinny material because it couldn't breathe that well
  7. I mean he's not wrong. Chargers jerseys are great, but both teams are still trying to build a brand in LA and look nearly identical with certain jerseys. Chargers need to drop all white and dark uniforms just to be different.
  8. Why the patch? Just embroider it on like everyone else
  9. Love your work! Can I ask where you got those templates from? Did you make it yourself?
  10. This existed on the wall of the Coliseum for about a decade. I asked about it, but was told it was just how the designer wanted it. I have never been able to find it on any merch
  11. Maybe they can play the Jets and we can get a full blown Arena Football game
  12. I don't hate it, but it seems they just over thought this rebrand. The Blue Jays did it perfectly, and just modernized a look their fans loved.
  13. This once great franchise is a mess. STL played with LA colors for a number of years and won a super bowl, and while in LA, they went to the super bowl wearing the STL colors. And now they are messing with the oldest helmet logo in football? Why?
  14. Any word on the NHL softening the rules on throwbacks?
  15. How many of those non-traditional new Nike designs just failed miserably? Jags, Browns, Bucs. Titans and Seahawks still have theirs. I kinda want to include the Jets, but not sure how much of that was Nike, as that design has kinda existed since the 90's in other leagues.