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Habs Come Back


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After watching the comeback by the Candiens, it feels like something special. This is the first time that the the Canadiens have come back from a 3-1 deficxit to win the series. The last two games have been ahrd fought. Saturday seeing if the Bruins could force overtime in the third, and then tongiht being scoreless until 8 minutes left in the third. Very exciting, great efforts on the part of both teams, especially Raycroft tonight. Theree were two instances where Montreal could have made it 2-0, but he came up big.

Now it will be Tampa Bay vs. Montreal in the next round. Coming off this series, I think the Canadiens will give the Lightning a run for their money. Tampa has been sitting for a few days. Hopefully it hasn't been so long they've gotten out of the groove, and Hopefully Montreal will be rested enough to give it their all. This series will be a good one :hockeysmiley:

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Big props to the Canadiens for coming up huge in this series and defeating one of the better Bruins teams in my lifetime. Theodore was a wall in net. Not the lame kind of scalable wall the the Chinese built a kabiblion years ago, more like the Berlin Wall...the kind of wall that makes you scared just to look at. Great work by the Habs on a hard-played series, but I must say I've got Tampa Bay winning the Cup this year so I think their glory may have reached its climax for the year. But then again, nobody really expected the Bruins to lose, eh?




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I was holding out hope that there was a way both teams could lose...the Bruins, because they're the Bruins, and the Canadiens because they played like an MLS team. Ah, well.

Tampa Bay vs. Montreal sounds like a baseball matchup from hell, but should make for some entertaining hockey. :hockeysmiley:

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The crazy thing is that Boston more or less dominated that game. Theodore came up huge.

Get out your radar guns, that Montreal/Tampa series will be smokin'.

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Tampa Bay vs. Montreal


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The Bruins pulled a collapse that would make the Red Sox proud.

... and they did not even need Grady Little to help.

Well, looking at the scores and the way both teams played, I think the Canadiens deserved to win this series.

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