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Hey guys,

So, I'm trying to actually create an Indentity for myself for my graphic design work. The name of my brand is going to be "March Forth" I'm not sure if its going to be "March Forth Designs", "March Forth Design", or just "March Forth" yet. The reason I chose March Forth is because well, my birthday is March FoUrth, so I thought it would be a cool pun to drop the U and give it the meaning of Marching forth as in like, onward. I thought it would be a cool concept.

What I was originally thinking for my logo was to somehow incorporate an M and a 4 together. I did a few sketches, and came up with this:


I like it, but I wonder if the 4 is throwing the whole thing off? are people going to look at it and think "this guy spelt "Forth" wrong? Im just wondering if the 4 is going to be too confusing?

your thoughts? I want to keep it clean, and versatile.



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Maybe turn the horizontal stroke of the four into an arrow? Usually right is associated with forward, so maybe it would help get across the double meaning. Even possibly break it off on the left side too, so the M and arrow are clear, but you still get the four in there.

visual of what I mean:



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I think if you're going with an M4 design, you should use "fourth" in your brand. You could minimize the "u" to allude to the the pun, though. If you're set on using "forth" then I think you should go with some sort visual representation of marching. Like a guy walking or looking toward the horizon of solid design-land.

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I think this is pretty successful. This minimizes the 4, which allows you to keep the name 'Forth' without fear that people will think you're dumb. I would think about making a point in the bottom intersection at the center of the M, since you have those sharp point on top, and I think your icon is too big in relation to your type. Maybe find a more engaging way to pair them up.

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I think the 4 is pretty much lost now, and I too instantly though of math until I looked at it some more.

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