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The League on FX


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Well that depend if it like that dumb show Blue Mountain State on Spike?

I've never seen Blue Mountain State (looks awful) but the league looks nothing like it.

You're lucky I've seen Blue Mountain State one time and it was as if they were making another American Pie movie. Maybe I will see the League. =-)


Did any of you saw Eastbound and down last night on HBO?

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"The League" doesn't really even need the Fantasy Football angle. It's a funny show about a group of friends. Its kinda cheesy but most of the jokes are hilarious. It is one of my favorite shows on tv right now. Its Always Sunny has fallen off a bit...I laughed more at The League last night than Its Always sunny...

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The League is surprisingly good for such a ridiculously awful premise. The episodes are a little far-fetched (this coming from a HUGE Sunny fan) but it's good comedy.

The premiere was nothing bit :censored: this season, but last night with my man Josh Cribbs was much better. I'm glad I gave it another shot and I guess I'll watch it regularly after my Sunny fix.

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