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Town of Morinville logo survey


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Alright, so one of the towns I cover is surveying people about a new logo for the town. Here are the two options:


Their description for Option 1:

The weaving of stylized ?M?s are inspired by the St. Jean Baptiste Church architecture and stained glass. The interlocking shapes symbolize our heritage groups, partnerships and community collaboration. The overall shape forms a stylized maple leaf. The upward movement of shapes suggest growth and development.

The typeface was set in all capitals to give a classic presence while the style of the logo mark offsets it with a contemporary and artistic impression. The colours chosen reflect the classic colours from our roots.

Their description for Option 2:

The stylized ?M? is inspired by windows of the St. Jean Baptiste Church and wrought-iron fences found in the heritage properties in the town. The overlapping shapes of the ?M? suggest community collaboration. The stylized leaf shape below represents the natural landscape, park pathways and garden settings of the community. The leaf shape gives the logo motion suggesting progress. The colours are inspired by the brick colour of the St. Jean Baptiste Church and the greenery of the surrounding park.

I believe I chose Option 2. Just looks simpler and cleaner to me, although I kind of dig the idea behind Option 1.

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I like #1. It's visually more interesting, but also is set up that a one-color version would also stand out. #2 could be anything...it could blend in with any generic leaf logo. But #1 really relates to the town with the architectural element.

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My vote also goes to Option 1. I like the interlocking M's, the nod to a local architectural landmark, and the easy-to-see leaf shape.

I find the M in Option 2 doesn't pop as readily to me, and I thought the "stylized leaf shape" was actually a river.




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