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Check this out - some insanely awesome business card designs, just from this year alone. My favorite one was Timebomb Customs.

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Just got my first batch of business cards. Unfortunately they are templated by the company, and sort of boring. I've been thinking about making my own for my freelance gigs, but haven't had the time to.

I saw a similar article a few weeks ago, another blogger's top cards of the year. If I can find the link I'll post it. There were some of the same, but a lot of different ones also.

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A lot of these are cool, but Global Sound wins by a long shot. Simple, yet brilliant.

I must agree. That is beyond extraordinary. The Timebomb Kustoms one is dated, played out, etc. And I have no respect for a company that insists on spelling it's name wrong, unless there's a good reason.

I still don't have a website, but I have a dribbble now! http://dribbble.com/andyharry

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Really? The Global Sound card seems like the gimmick cards that were big a year ago. As an actual business card, it's not eye-catching and any time you have to do something to find information you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot.

It's kind of neat. I'll give them that... other than that, it's boring and misses on what a business card is.

Too many great ones to even begin saying which I like most.

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I'm not really impressed by Global Sound at all.

My favorites are Julien Hauchecorne, Juares Samuel ? Civil Engineer and Brendan?s Irish Pub.

How much do you want to bet that the "recycled" cardboard ones were cut from a fresh, unrecycled sheet of cardboard? :D

The odd-shaped or 3-D cards aren't practical. For a client who puts cards in a rolodex/card file or carries them in a business card wallet...yours will get left in a desk drawer after the initial fun of receiving it.

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