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Florida Panthers


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The Florida Panthers (along with the Edmonton Oilers, but that's another topic) have some of the worst and mismatched hockey jerseys to ever grace the NHL. So I set out to correct the many mistakes that are in their current set. I decided to keep the few things that I liked about their jerseys, while bringing back some aspects I liked about their pre-Edge set.

I kept the logos pretty much the same, only minor changes there. I dropped the sun/palm tree logo as I feel their new FLA/sun logo is much better. Which means, the FLA/sun logo is going to get more exposure in this set (on the shoulders of all the jerseys). I kept the circle/panther head logo and full body panther (sans stick) as I like both logos and felt that I couldn't really come up with something better. The big change I did was brighten up the colors and make it so there was one shade of yellow/gold throughout the logos and jerseys, instead of having on shade for the uniforms and one shade for the logos like they currently have. You will find no powder blue in this set at all.

For the jerseys, I really like the design of their third jersey, not a big fan of the execution though, so I made that template the basis of all three jerseys. The big thing I set out to do was put more of an emphasis on red. So the home and road jerseys' main color is red, while the third jersey is mainly blue. I've always thought of the Panthers as more of a red team then a blue team, which is why I focused more on the red.

Here are the logos with the slightly altered colors.


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I like the H & R but the 3rd screams Kansas City Scouts to me.

I didn't notice the KC Scout connection until you mentioned it and now it's all I can think about when I look at the third. But since there's no more KC Scouts (or other teams that use a similar color scheme) I think it will still work.

Not feeling the particular shade of yellow that you used, but it's definitely an upgrade, ESPECIALLY the third jersey.

Yeah, the yellow is really bright, but I tried a couple different shades and this one look the best. I thought gold (the shade in the current panther logo) would look good but it just dulled up the look.

Thanks for all the feedback guys.

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