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Canucks Concept (new Logo)


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I know the Canucks have been done to death here, but this is a concept I came up with a while ago that includes a new, mostly original logo (I took part of it from the Vancouver Whitecaps). Obviously, I used Paint, so it's fairly crude. Be kind...



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That logo is very busy. Any other geographical elements you want to stick in there too? Maybe mountains or some trees?

Nice idea to put the B.C. flag on the shoulders, but I'm not a fan of the rest of it. The color scheme works better on the white jersey than the home one. The light blue vibrates against the green.

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jp - I didn't think the logo was that busy. Thanks for the sarcasm, though!

icecap - you're right about the leaf. I didn't think about that.

hrivnak - thanks, the logo is really the focus. I'm glad you like it. The jerseys were just sort of secondary.

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I like it much better than any logo they've had since their original rink/stick/letter c logo--

and the colours work well...

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I like the effort here.

I would kill the leaf, it is needless and looks tacked on.

I really think the logo looks terriffic. Where is CityofWalrus to vectorize a logo when we need him! ;)

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