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Newsday changes ptinted newspaper again


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today, newsday changed its format for its printed papers on long island. There was a story in the paper saying they listened to public opinions to make the paper better for us long islanders and they put those opinions into fruitition. The cover now includes the wordmark from thier website instead of the giant N in a blue sqaure. They added a few extra pages that target long islanders, translating to an extra 2,600 pages anually.

New Front Cover:newnewsdayfront2.jpg

Old Front Cover:oldnewsdayfront.jpg

New Sports Cover:newnewsday.jpg

Old Sports Cover:oldnewsday.jpg

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How much did the Dolans raise the price to accommodate the 2,600 new pages annually? Did they return the paper to the old larger size? I hope it's an improvement over the paper I saw when I was back on the Island at Christmastime. Not that Newsday was ever a good paper but the one I was reading was a shadow of its former self and I miss Ed Lowe (yes, I know he passed away recently.)

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Haven't got a look at the paper today, so what exactly changed?

i didnt get a real chance to look at the whole paper but from the covers, the logo changed to match the website logo. it says newsday scrod the top now instead of the N in the blue box. the paper is still the smaller size. they added the weather for the day to top corner of the cover. The same logo applies to the back for the sports section. i dont know what toher chnages were included inside the paper. but the ones i listed look alot better than the old version.

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