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Prospects in Redskins Jerseys


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So on the Redskins blog I follow (Hogshaven.com) somebody thought it would be great to see Jake Locker in a Redskins uniform because he really wants him on the team. I tried to make one, but have gotten stuck on the helmet. I've been using the replacement color tool so far, but on the helmet it is significantly lighter than it would be. Any thoughts on how to finish this up and hopefully do an away concept as well?






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Try adding a shape layer of the burgundy over the helmet and selecting the transparency as "multiply". That might work better.

What I meant was take the pen tool in Photoshop, and trace the outline of the helmet. (Or you could use the paint brush if that's your style.) Just make sure to create a new layer above the original image first. Then once you have the area selected via shape or pixels, make it the color the 'Skins helmets. After you've done that, set the "transarency" or whatever Photoshop calls it (maybe it's mode?) to Multiply instead of Normal. And that's how you get the helmet to work.

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That pic won't do you any favors trying to 'Shop it. It's usually more convincing if the player is the ONLY player in the pic so you don't have to worry about one guy Photoshopped while the others are still in the old colors. Plus, since Washington went back to more traditional numbers, something like these pictures would be far easier to use:



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Third player: A.J. Green, Georgia

Not good... You colored his legs maroon? And the jersey doesn't look realistic at all. Also you missed a spot on the pants.

I colored Julio's legs burgundy as well, I guess this one just looks stupid ^_^

I understand this was not the best one. I'm not going to go back and redo it, but the next player (Prince Amukamura by request)will be a lot better I hope.

I think each one has good and bad. For instance, the helmet on Green is the best, the pants/jersey on Julio is the best, and the overall feel of Locker/Green looks more 3D than Julio. I just need to bring them all togehter.

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