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Seattle Mariners Retro-Esq Concept - New Uniforms Added


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I had such a blast re-vamping the Blue Jays logo and adding a bit of a retro feel to it that I decided why not try it again with another team. While checking out concepts i saw one for a retro Mariners concept http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=79555 and thought what better team to do next than the Jays expansion cousins.

So here is my first attempt to update the Mariners by going back in logo history and adding a bit of the old with a bit of the new. Kept the elements of the compass and the same script but added in a newer version of the M trident. I did it both in the current colour scheme and also in a navy/yellow/grey version. This is just a start and am hoping for some C&C to see where I can take it .

I have completed my Seattle Mariners set .

Here is the Primary Logo progression


Final Seattle Mariners Set


Uniforms Added - C&C as always


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I think it still needs to be simplified, maybe by getting rid of the Seattle Mariners circle or the spikes.

You were completely right about the Mariners circle ... Loosing it made a huge difference

Updated version 3


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I'd have the top of the pitchfork extend out to the edge of the circle. Other than that, you hit the nail on the head here.

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That is beautiful, great job of incorporating eras. Really nice work


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Holy Helsinki, I love it. I think if you were to remove the outermost silver circle and instead outline the whole thing in silver, it would look great. That way it would look less slapped together and more complete. Excellent job executing your idea.

I will try that for sure. You might be dead on about tying it all together with grey/silver

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Yes! The update is amazing and I agree with Bmac about the silver. Will you be doing uniforms?

I have some work to do on the primary , I also want to try to make a secondary S/cap logo and then I will take a crack at some unis

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Here is another attempt at the primary logo. Tried to tie things together better with consistent outlines. Cant decide which is better though so C&C is more than welcome.

Here is A with an all silver/grey outline


And B with a navy outline


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