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2011 Pro Combat "Speed Machine" Templates


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If only I had a program that uses psd...

Get GIMP dude! It will open .PSD files.

Really? I'm all over that!

I can't remember if you need an add-on, but just google it, you'll find what you need!

Mau: I'm gonna try to move some of my pro combats over tonight, keep an eye on my thread. I'll link back to here as well once I get some up for examples!

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Here's a sample, using my new MSU Pro Combat concept:


I'm really tempted to put this on some Michigan State blog and see how they react.

also, please credit me on the template if you do

I think he wants to trick everybody into thinking that this is what they will wear, and it would look strange if he credited somebody on an internet forum for making the template if Nike made this. Just my 1/50th of a dollar

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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