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My First Uniform Concept


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It's a very unique concept. I love the use of gold more, but the teal pants just don't work for me. I love the jersey and helmet though. I'd love to see the jersey in teal as well.

But all in all, a good clean concept. You definitely worked hard on this and didn't rush it.

I was thinking of a all teal uniform.

Thank you for putting effort into your concept. I was scared that we'd have another "Seamen" concept.

I'm not really digging the gold numbers. Maybe gold pants and teal numbers?

Never thought of the gold pants


Home - Black Jersey, Gold Pants

Away - White Jersy, Black Pants

Alternate - All Teal

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This has a lot of great pieces, but they don't work well together. First off, I really want to applaud you for putting effort into your first concept. That's something we rarely see nowadays. A teal helmet or pant is a great idea, but not with the teal-devoid black and gold jersey.

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As DeFrank said, a lot of good ideas, but unfortunately they don't all go together. I don't like the teal helmet, just seems to bright. Try downsizing the numbers and no offense but the gold numbers with teal outlines doesn't look so nice.

Did you edit the teal color? It seems a bit different then their actual color.

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I just had to comment on this.

Things I don't like:

1) Three different pants. I don't know much about NFL uniforms, but I feel that for a team to have three pairs of pants to have is like the 1979 Pirates mix and match uniforms. It should be narrowed down to two IMO (teal and black)

2) The teal alternate needs black pants and the gold alternate needs teal pants IMO.

3)If the previous revisions are implemented, you'll only need a teal helmet for every jersey.

You can implement these if you wish, or you don't have to. These are just my suggestions after all.

Things I like:

1) I love the teal helmet.

2) I love the use of teal.

3) I love how clean your first concept is. I don't care how long someone can roam the boards and know everything, because my first concept was a disaster and I was a follower for years.

4) I love how your first concept is unique and that there are alot of changes. It's not something as simple as a striping change. You actually have my favorite Jaguar concept I've ever seen.

5) I just love it. :D

Nice work GatorHunter.

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I really appreciate the work here. You presented your work neatly, and certainly didn't rush it. You listened to the comments and criticism and made your concepts significantly better, something we rarely see in the concepts section anymore.

As for the actual concepts, the third batch is by far the best. For what your going for, I really like the way it turned out. The black jersey would look far better with white numbers, imo, and teal pants for the white jersey would be a great away combo (along with the black pants). The final two, monochrome, combo's don't work very well. All black would, as would all white, but teal and gold don't work. Teal with black pants, teal with gold, and black with gold, are some combo's that come to mind that could look really nice. The circle color on the hip logo is also off. Not sure what it is however.

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Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I had every jersey-pant combo running around in my head, could not decide what to use. now i can get a better idea about how uniforms should look. The gold uniform was not in the original concept, just something i throw in there. I have never been a fan of all same color uniforms, except for black or red, my high school colors were orange and black, i hated the all orange uniforms.

Thanks again for the comments and I will take everything into consideration on my next concept.

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